Frequently Asked Questions

• Is there a parking for my car?

Yes, but there is a fee per car and you’ll have to pay cash when entering the site. We advise you to carpool as much as possible! There is a separate parking if you don’t want to camp by your car or need to leave earlier.

• Can I camp by my car?

Yes! You can bring your car by your campsite if you intend to stay until at least Sunday morning.

• Can I go out of the festival with my car and come back?

Non-camping parking: Yes, but only during designated times (11am to 11pm on Friday, 10am to 11pm on Saturday). Readmission of your car will cost 10$.

Car-camping: No, as to insure the safety of other campers and festival-goers. If you have an emergency and need to leave with your car before Sunday, please find a member of the staff to get out of the site safely.

• Is camping free?

Camping is included with your ticket, there is no extra fee per person. There is only a fee to park a car.

• How much are parking fees?

In-and-out/non-camping parking: 20$ per car.

Car-camping by your tent: 40$ per car.

RV/tent-trailers/mini-bus: 80$ per vehicule.

• I need a lift/am offering a lift!

Visit our rideshare facebook group to find a lift or share the road with someone:

• Is there an ATM on site?

No, we advise you to bring cash!

• Is there any network service on site?

Yes! But be aware, with all the bassfam on the same antenna, the mobile network can lag.

• From what time can I arrive on the site?

Friday July 1st at 11am. (Music starts at 1pm.)
Saturday July 2nd at 10am. (Music starts at 10am.)

•Are trailers / RV / tent trailers allowed on the site?

Yes! The fee is 80$ to park such a vehicule in the camping section.

•If it rains, will the festival still take place?

Of course the festival will still take place! Rain will not stop us! Weather forecasts are on our side for now 😉

• Can I buy food on the site?

Yes, there will be food and water for sale on site (see the menu here). Bring cash as there is no ATM!

•I bought a ticket but unfortunately I can’t come anymore.

Tickets are non-refundable once bought, consider selling it to a friend or posting online!