Here are some of the kiosks that will be with us this weekend at PicnicRoyal Festival! 🤩

🌮Explosion Foodtruck is back in force this year with their delicious and affordable menu including vege fajitas, tacos, fried cheese&bacon/onion flower & sausage poutine, korean pogos, huge onion flowers and many more nice surprises!! 🥳 See their menu below.

🍔Anorak is joining us this year! They are offering breakfasts, pulled pork burgers, grilled cheeses, stout beer sausages, their own poutine with choice of meat and much more! 🤤 See their menu below.

💧 PicnicRoyal booth : refreshing drinks, ice and festival merch!

🎨Médéric Dagenais – Artiste Peintre : An excellent artist that will showcase his talents using a mix of spraypaint and airbrush! He worked hard on the festival theme paintings, his masterpieces will be up for sale!

👕Illuzion : they will be back this year with a clothing booth!

👩‍🏫Safe Raving : come by for harm prevention and sensitization! They will have free tests available.

explosion foodtruck picnicroyal menu
anorak picnicroyal menu
mederic dagenais artiste peintre picnicroyal
illuzion clothing picnicroyal
safe raving picnicroyal