Let’s present more local artists that will perform at PicnicRoyal Festival this summer 😎! Don’t miss KAT2KAT from Gatineau, who’s coming to set the spaceship on fire 🔥! Next let’s introduce Kattana who will bring us a variety of styles, she’s sharpening her blades for an intense and violent set 😈. And you thought that was it for back to back season? Power couple MHOLY & TheMartian will come share their love for music on stage 💜! Finally, let’s not forget YOOGI, who is making waves in the world of dubstep production with his original sounds and entrancing melodies. 🥳

kat2kat picnicroyal festival 2022
mholy b2b the martian picnicroyal festival 2022
kattana picnicroyal festival 2022
yoogi picnicroyal festival 2022